Concrete mixing plant with planetary mixer

Concrete mixing plant

Simple. Brother of the plant TecnoMix, the TECNOMIX LT concrete mixing plant differs from the latter because of the absence of an hydraulic system for the installation of the mixer. This allows you to greatly reduce the costs for system construction, while maintaining almost unchanged the characteristics of mobility, compactness and hourly productivity.

Concrete mixing plant

Compact. The plant is very compact and this allows to reduce to a minimum the time of handling and installation on site. The storing and dosing unit for aggregates can be supplied to the hydraulic system for the tipping of the belt such as in systems of the series Tecno. Produce concrete at the construction site, quickly and precisely where you need it, now becomes very easy.

Concrete mixing plant + vertical silo

Versatile. Thanks to its small size and the freedom of positioning in the site, the concrete mixing plant TECNOMIX LT is suitable for all places that have limited space or for those who do not want to invest in large systems difficult and expensive to manage. The vertical silos Silmatic with the dosing device of the material represent the ideal combination for this type of system.

Concrete mixing plant

Thanks to a special accessory you can use the system TECNOMIX LT for directly unloading into the cement mixer, bypassing, if required, the pre-mixing operation.

The TECNOMIX LT concrete mixing plant can be equipped with planetary mixer having output capacity (vibrated) of 750 litres, 1000 litres or 1500 litres, for output of 30 m³/h, 40 m³/h and 50 m³/h.

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