Horizontal silo. The first, the true and original.

Horizontal silo

Handy. The first unit on the global market and born as an evolution of the traditional vertical silos, the horizontal silo EUROSILO is easily transportable and can be positioned thanks to its unique characteristics. The horizontal silo EUROSILO is in fact equipped with telescopic adjustable lifting devices which allow the loading and unloading of the silo from the transport mean without the use of cranes and positioning on land even not perfectly level. The horizontal silo EUROSILO does not require anchoring to the ground. The speed of handling and installation, together with the integration of the silo with many accessories that do not require assembly, make EUROSILO the ideal choice for itinerant sites and where you do not want to build concrete slabs.

Horizontal silos

Weigher. EUROSILO was the first horizontal silo on the market to integrate a weighing system for product removal. The weighing of the entire container allows you to keep under control the remaining quantities and correspondence with what is delivered during the supply phase. Added to this is the extreme precision of the required dosages. In order to ensure maximum productivity it is also provided an additional unloading device via timer to continue working even if a failure occurs to the electronic instrumentation.

Horizontal cement silos

Versatile. The horizontal silo EUROSILO can be used for the storage and dosage of cement, lime, fly ash, sand, and many other materials in powder and granular. The scope can range from the simple feeding of self-loading concrete mixers to the matching with our mobile batching plant Tecno for the composition of a mobile concrete plant freely configurable in the yard. Our horizontal silos are also used in agriculture, in the ecological, chemical and many other application fields.

Horizontal transportable silo

Special. Our horizontal silos can be configured in various ways, according to the needs of the customer. From simple roll-off system to the version on axles or on platform, from the silo equipment with twist-locks to the dual-chamber one, or totally insulated for extreme environmental situations. The various configurations also require the choice of various types of special accessories including: self-installing or unloading articulated augers, mixers at the unloading system, etc.

The horizontal silo EUROSILO is available in different load capacities, from 15 m³ to 76 m³ and configurable in the “DE” (electronic dosing) and the “T” (timed dosing) versions.

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