Mobile concrete plant with planetary mixer

Mobile concrete plant

Mobile. The mobile concrete plant TECNOMIX represents the first mobile central mixer equipped with self installed mixer, without the use of a crane. Compact and completely pre-wired, the plant is designed to be installed in a few hours, with minimal staff, and allows the user a considerable saving in time and handling costs. It is a revolutionary mobile plant, that cannot be compared to other plants on the market because of the so many substantial differences that distinguish it.

Mobile concrete plant

Automated. What more characterizes the mobile concrete plant TECNOMIX is the mixing unit that, during the transport, integrates in the machine body to then rise automatically in the working position thanks to an hydraulic lifting system. During transportation, also the elevator belt, driven by hydraulic pistons, regain its shape by folding back inside the storage tanks of the aggregates, without the need for disassembly, while the hydraulic lifters allow easy loading and unloading from the transport platform without the use of the crane.

Mobile concrete plant + horizontal silo

Immediate. To make TECNOMIX completely mobile is also essential that even the silo for the storage and dosage of the cement is mobile. For this reason, our horizontal silos Eurosilo are the best choice: their installation does not require the use of cranes and construction of foundations resulting in anchoring to the ground. The management of the overall system is extremely simple and intuitive.

The TECNOMIX mobile concrete plant can be equipped with planetary mixer having vibrated output of 750 litres or 1000 litres.

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