Plants and systems for milk of lime

The milk of lime is used in various fields such as construction, agriculture, ecology, food, etc.. Among the most common uses of the lime water (a mixture of water and lime), we can report:

  • sewage treatment;
  • acidic soil improvement;
  • the preparation of anti-parasitic compounds for the agricultural field;
  • desalination;
  • the production process of certain foods;
  • the cooling of rock cutting devices

Due to the wide case studies on the final product, our plants and systems for milk of lime are available in several versions to meet every need. It starts from the most advanced system with dosing of materials by weighing, volumetric dosing with rotary valve up to a simple and economical silo timed for those who do not require extremely precise dosages.

Whatever system is chosen, the lime water is discharged into the dissolver through an auger that then mixed it with the water dosed in the proper proportions. Downstream of the dosing system of the lime we can also provide a delivery and pumping system of the lime milk produced.

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