Roller-compacted concrete plant with continuous mixer

Roller compacted concrete plant

Revolutionary. No more volumetric batching of conventional cement mixed systems. With the new roller-compacted concrete(*) plant MULTIMIX you can weigh and continuously produce large amounts of cement mixture weighing all materials. The new patented weighing belts allow in fact to obtain good precision and high productivity. A perfect and simultaneous layering of products greatly enhances the mixing phase in the continuous mixer the machine is equipped with. The result is a quality output in a compact and highly efficient system.

Roller compacted concrete plant

Intelligent. The innovative dual-belt system (extractor + weigher) allows you to dynamically weigh the exact amount of material required. This solution eliminates all the problems of variability and instability typical of common weighing belts that also perform the extracting function. Our system is tested on site by the operator, it requires very little maintenance (equivalent to the common static scales) but adds all the advantages of continuous weighing, including the ability to recharge the tanks during the dosing phase.

Roller compacted concrete plant + horizontal silo

Flexible. The compactness of the system is even more striking when paired with the horizontal silo Eurosilo. The configuration and placement in the site is extremely free and customizable. The continuous mixer ensures high hourly production rates (up to 160 m³/h) combined with a high quality of the final product thanks to the innovative dosing system adopted.

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