First horizontal silo

YEAR 1993 – Release on the market of EUROSILO, the first horizontal silo in the world equipped with a weighing system for discharged material. This innovation made it possible to unload the exact quantity required and to verify the remaining quantities compared to those indicated in the transport document during refilling. This feature combined with the outstanding qualities of strength and mobility thanks to which it became extremely easy to carry and install the silo in the site, even without the use of cranes.

First mobile batching plant

YEAR 2003 – Following the philosophy of horizontal silo Eurosilo was born the mobile plant for dosing inert materials TECNO. Designed to meet the requirements of mobility and ease of installation, it is a totally revolutionary system that employs a conveyor bucket equipped with hydraulic joint for a fast and easy installation in the site. Also special hydraulic lifts are applied that allow to unload from the means of transport and the subsequent placement in the site without the use of cranes. The unique characteristics of Tecno earned it the patent as market news.

First mobile concrete plant

YEAR 2011 – Based on the Tecno system the mobile concrete-mixing unit TECNOMIX was designed. Equipped with the same characteristics of mobility and ease of installation in the site of its younger brother, the new plant has the addition of a mixer that is raised automatically up to the work height through a specific hydraulic lifting system and sliding guides. Also this system is awarded another patent as industrial invention.

Innovative weighing belts

YEAR 2013 – Sami filed a patent for an innovative, dynamic weighing system consisting of an extracting and a weighing belt. The first application of this new products occurs in the plant MULTIMIX, used for the continuous production of concrete.

Innovative extraction system

YEAR 2014 – Yet another goal for Sami. An innovative solution has resulted in the patenting of an exclusive system for extracting difficult, compact and cohesive materials. New opportunities are opening for many companies operating in the waste industry and in the processing of difficult, contaminating materials. The ECOMIX plant is the answer.