The original. By purchasing a product manufactured by SAMI you can be sure that you’ve invested on innovation and originality of a product tested and guaranteed for years, not just on a weak imitation in the market.
The original

100% Italian. All raw materials and components used in our systems and silos come from certified Italian companies.
100% Made in Italy

Really mobile. When SAMI invented the mobile concrete mixing systems the competitors did not really pay attention to it. Now that the market has moved in that direction, many companies have added to their catalogues products classified as “mobile”, but in reality they require high costs and many days of installation and set-up in the site.
Really mobile

High efficiency. Our products guarantee high efficiency, allowing for extreme speed of installation and start-up. In a short span of time you can move the plant from one site to another and start again to produce concrete.
High efficiency

Cranes? No, thank you. Some mobile systems by SAMI can be loaded and unloaded from the truck without the use of cranes. Depending on the available space in the site, it is also possible to perform the entire installation without the use of lifting equipment.
No crane required

Low cost. The purchase of a mobile plant by SAMI can be very quickly amortized, since the cost of the concrete produced on site with our machines is significantly lower than the cost of concrete purchased at fixed sale centres.
Significant cost savings

High performances. In spite of their compact size and high mobility, our systems offer high-performance and are unrivalled when compared with fixed type centres.
High productivity

No bureaucracy. Thanks to the extreme mobility and compactness of our systems, the parking in the site does no longer requires lengthy paperwork, even in countries with highly restrictive regulations. Many of our systems do not even need anchoring to the ground, becoming in fact similar to any other operating machine on the constructions sites around the world.
Permissions on the site

High quality. The production of concrete directly at the site ensures the keeping of material features themselves. In fact long transports are avoided, the same that very often end up ruining the concrete and greatly reduce its strength characteristics over time.
High quality concrete

High reliability. The use of top quality products, all strictly “Made in Italy”, guarantee the product qualities of extreme reliability and durability over time. We know what it means to stop production due to a fault to the machines, which is why we have created products that are extremely reliable and on which you can carry out very easy routine maintenance.
Reliability over time